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What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is the technology of adding, embedding, in a three-dimensional field of human perception, virtual information that is perceived as elements of real life.
When creating an AR in the real life in real time, objects are placed using special software and gadgets such as:

  • glasses of augmented reality (“smart glasses”),
  • tablets,
  • smartphones with AR function, etc. gadgets.
  • The technology of augmented reality is the optimal marketing tool to cause people to wonder, remember and call the WOW-effect.

How does Augmented Reality work?

AR has the following properties:

  1. Combines the virtual and the real.
  2. Interacts in real time.
  3. Works in 3D.

To create augmented reality, usually such technologies are used: a processor, a display, a camera and electronics that determine the position, such as an accelerometer, GPS and compass. The touch smartphone, for example, has the necessary kit for the gadget owner to plunge into the world of extended reality.

Applications of augmented reality work as follows:

  • A special label is used.
  • The label is read by a mobile device or computer.
  • A layer of additional information is displayed on the screen.
  • It’s easy to use projects with augmented reality. For example, you should point the camera of a mobile device to an object, and comments, photos, videos or everything in the complex will appear on the screen.

Where can you use the technology of augmented reality?

The possibilities of the technology of AR are unlimited, it can be used in all spheres of modern man’s activity.

Main benefits of using Augmented Reality technology:

There is a whole complex of advantages of using an augmented reality and using virtual reality for promoting goods / services and stimulating sales.

  • A strong emotional response is guaranteed, as the appearance in everyday life, for example, in a shopping center, of virtual characters, causes a state of delight and surprise. And emotion is paramount for marketing and advertising.
  • Involvement and interactivity contribute to the increase of memorability and the acquisition of brand loyalty.
  • Comfortable, easy, game information acquisition contributes to stable memorization.
  • The technology of augmented reality allows you to interact with the artificial world with the help of gadgets. In this – a significant advantage of augmented reality in front of virtual reality.
  • Viral effect. All advertising campaigns using mixed reality cause the strongest emotions, therefore the best advertising tool starts to work – stories about what is seen are passed from mouth to mouth, drawing attention to the brand.
  • Communication Digital and offline.
  • The presentation of the product in 3D format ensures the involvement of the potential consumer in the process of product research, especially if it is possible to disassemble the image into layers.
  • WOW factor – a wow factor plays an important role in forming an impression of a product or service.

For good Augmented Reality you need a quality 3D models, they usually created in FBX, glTF, or Blender. On Flatpyramid you will find a bunch of such 3D models.