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Polygonal modeling is the very first kind of 3D modeling that appeared at the time when the X, Y, and Z coordinates had to be entered manually from the keyboard to define points in 3D space. As is known, if three or more points of coordinates are given as vertices and connected edges, they form a polygon (polygon), which can have color and texture. Joining a group of such polygons allows you to simulate almost any object. The disadvantage of polygonal modeling is that all objects should consist of tiny flat surfaces, and polygons should have a very small size, otherwise the edges of the object will have a faceted appearance. This means that if an object is supposed to increase on the stage, it should be modeled with a large number of polygons (density), even though most of them will be superfluous when moving away from the object.
Low-poly is a three-dimensional model with a small number of polygons.
That is, they are models that consist of a minimum number of polygons. At the same time, they are sufficient for visual perception of the received object. Widely distributed on mobile platforms in the gaming industry due to performance limitations. That is, such models are used when due to some circumstances, high detail is not required.
Due to the increase in the power of processors and graphics adapters, graphic programs show a transition from polygons to splines, and at the moment there are already programs that do not support polygon modeling at all. Nevertheless, due to the immense popularity of 3D real-time games, polygonal modeling has been rewarded, so multifunctional editing tools for polygons are gradually being transformed into tools for working with splines.
The models themselves should be low polygonal (which is obvious!). All forms of objects should be as close as possible to the basic geometric forms. If these are organic models, or pre-created highly polygonal ones, they can be converted to Low Poly using a modifier.
To achieve a better result, use a triangular grid. Triangles, this is the thing that they try to avoid with traditional modeling, but in this case we need it. Also, a model consisting of squares, then transform it into triangles (after all, any square consists of two (minimum) triangles).
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