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3D Model by william00

Tower Building 3D model

1750ft high building.
Comes fully textured and come with all materials.

The tower is an engineering structure, characterized by a significant predominance of height above the side or diameter of the base [1].

Sometimes the main differences between towers and other tall buildings are considered to be the absence of guy lines (a cantilever structure fixed only at the base) and an extremely small internal volume, sometimes the entire volume of a tower is only occupied by a staircase, although fortress towers clearly fall out from this definition.

The main loads acting on the tower are mainly meteorological in nature - wind pressure, temperature deformation, seasonal additional mass associated with icing. During construction, for the calculation of the tower, the general rules of building mechanics apply; dynamic calculation is performed and static calculation - for strength, stability and deformability [2].

Towers that do not have an internal volume at all (truss structures) are also called towers.

Most often, towers are used to position antenna-feeder equipment on them. For example, mobile operators place radio relay antennas on towers. When the height of the antenna mast structure (AMS) is more than 45 meters, the installation of a light protection system is required. This is a REGA requirement for flight safety.

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Published on: February 13, 2011