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3D Model by tartino

Communications tower 3D model.

A high tower on which the transmitting antennas of television and broadcasting transmitters of the television transmitting center are installed.

The zone of reliable reception of television and radio broadcasting signals depends on the height of the transmitting antennas on the Communications tower, so they are built as high as possible and placed at the highest points of the terrain. The zone also depends on the transmitter power, so large telecentres consume large amounts of electricity. The high transmission power of the transmission cables (feeders) also leads to an increased possibility of fires, which, due to the height and specificity of the design, are extremely difficult to extinguish.

Since TV towers are usually the tallest buildings in the area, they are often combined with observation platforms.

The world's first reinforced concrete TV tower was built in Stuttgart in 1956. The Stuttgart TV Tower has become the prototype of many towers of this type around the world. Before television, television towers were called towers to monitor the enemy or a certain territory, sometimes also lighthouses.

The highest tower in the world is the Tokyo Sky Tree (634 m, 2008–2011), the highest in Russia - the Ostankino Tower (540 m, 1967). Large TV towers are one of the symbols of the cities in which they are installed and attract a large number of tourists.

With the development of individual receivers for satellite broadcasting and cable television, the practical importance of television towers has declined significantly.

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Published on: February 13, 2011