Water Fountain 3D Model (blend)

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Water Fountain 3D model on Flatpyramid.

Ornate water fountain with marble texture. Water not included.

The first fountains appeared in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, as evidenced by the images on ancient tombstones. Initially, they were used for irrigation of cultivated crops and ornamental plants. The Egyptians built fountains in orchards near the house, where they were installed in the middle of a rectangular pond.

Similar fountains were used in Mesopotamia and Persia, famous for their beautiful gardens. Here in the East, they got even more popularity.

According to certain canons, the Persian oriental garden was supposed to reflect four different entities - water, flowers, plants, and music, which can be seen in old-fashioned images and carpet drawings. Muslim gardens were surrounded by terraces of colored tiles, spray fountain, reflecting from them, creating an unusual play of light and shadow.

Later similar gardens were built in Toledo, Granada and other cities.

In gardens of another type, water, flowers, trees, light, and shade created unity. A striking example of such landscape architecture are the Taj Mahal gardens in India and the Shalimar Gardens. In such gardens, an important focus is the full-flowing springs, running down from the mountains, where at the foot of their bed they are artificially turned, creating reservoirs and waterfalls.


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Published on: February 15, 2011