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Here is a version of Gorgon Medusa 3D model that shows her as a warrior deity.

Big and strong as like the Amazons of her day.

Medusa 3d model is the most famous of the three Gorgon sisters, a monster with a woman's face and snakes instead of hair. Her gaze turned man to stone. Was killed by Perseus. Mentioned in the Odyssey (XI 634).

The sea jellyfish got its name because of its similarity to the moving serpent-hair of the legendary Gorgon Medusa from Greek mythology.

The youngest daughter of the sea elder Fork and Keto (according to another version, the daughter of Gorgon). The only mortal of the Gorgon.

According to the later version of the myth set forth by Ovid in Metamorphoses, Medusa was a girl with beautiful hair. God Poseidon, turning into a bird, captured the Medusa in the temple of Athena, where Medusa rushed in search of protection from the persecution of Poseidon. Athena not only did not help her but also turned her hair into a hydra.

Death of Medusa
One of the tasks given to Perseus by King Polydext was the killing of the Gorgon Medusa. To cope with the monster heroes helped the gods - Athena and Hermes. On their advice, before going to battle, he visited the prophetic old women — the sisters of grays (who were also For kids, sisters of the Gorgons), who had three eyes and one tooth. With cunning, Perseus stole their teeth and eyes and returned them only in exchange for winged sandals, a magic bag and an invisible cap of Hades. Gray showed Perseus the way to the gorgons. Hermes gave him a sharp curved knife. Armed with this gift, Perseus arrived at the Gorgon. Rising into the air on winged sandals, he was able to chop off the head of the mortal Medusa, one of the three Gorgon sisters, looking at the reflection on Athena’s polished copper shield — after all, Medusa’s gaze turned all living things to stone. Perseus disappeared from Medusa's sisters with an invisible cap, hiding the trophy in his shoulder bag.

(And Perseus narrates as) the rocks,
Hidden, boldly having passed with their terrible forest burr,
Gorgon approached the house; as seen everywhere on the plain
And on the roads - people and animals like, the very
What turned into flint, barely saw Medusa;
As he, however, in a shield that on his left hand, reflected
Copper saw the terrifying image of Medusa for the first time;
Hard as taking advantage of sleep, and she and the vipers swept,
He tore off his head, and more - like Pegasus swift
With his brother were born from the blood shed by the mother.
(Ovid. "Metamorphoses", IV, 775-790).

During this bout, Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. From the headless body of Medusa with the flow of blood came her children from Poseidon - the giant Chrysaor (father of the three-bodied Gerion) and the winged horse Pegasus. From drops of blood falling into the sands of Libya, poisonous snakes appeared and destroyed all life in it (according to Lucan, these were the so-called Libyan snakes: asp, amfibena, ammodite and basilisk). The local legend says that corals appeared from the flow of blood that spilled into the ocean.

Athena gave Asclepius the blood that flowed out from the veins of the Gorgon of Medusa. The blood that flowed from the left side carried death, and from the right side, it was used by Asclepius to save people.

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