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WWII Deutsche Fallschirmj�ger.
When the Luftwaffe began forming parachute units in the late-1930s, the first parachute regiment was designated Fallschirm-J�ger-Regiment 1. German paratroopers became known as Fallschirmj�ger (Fallschirm is German for parachute). At first, Fallschirmj�ger was applied only to genuine airborne-qualified troops, but the term was retained for Fallschirmj�ger regiments and divisions even after they began operating as regular infantry. A number of Luftwaffe Feld-Divisionen (field divisions), regular ground combat units raised by the Luftwaffe, also used the term Luftwaffen-J�ger-Regiment for their infantry regiments. Many of these were later taken over by the army but retained the name J�ger-Regiment.

The WW2 German paratrooper or Fallschirmjäger is the branch of the German paratroopers. They were the very first German paratroopers, who were committed to large scale airborne operations. Later on, they were also known as the green devils by the allied forces. The paratrooper commandos were very effective in their commando-style raids. Their strong will and efforts always made them tall in their grimmest situations. They were seldom and were used as parachutists and due to their extraordinary combat skills and abilities paratroopers are often used in fire-brigade as roving elite infantrymen. Throughout the world-war, the commander was Kurt student.

The paratroops came into existence during the interwar years when the aircraft and aviation technology, which ultimately drew the attention of imaginative military planners. The idea of inserting a large body of troops inside the enemy territory was first proposed during the World War-I by the commander o US force Brigadier General Billy in France. However, the allied command was forced to abandon the idea due to unprepared situations.

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Published on: February 13, 2011