Cute Stickman In A-Pose CAT Rig 3D Model (3ds max fbx dae obj)

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3D Model by vkstudio2015

The model of stylized 'Stickman' in a A-pose.
The model is UV-mapped, smoothable, 3D print ready, rigged with CAT Rig system.
See rig demo video to estimate the quality of rig and skin:

* Clean topology based on loops and quads
* Model is rigged with a CAT Rig and carefully skinned
* Custom controls for the rig are provided
* Stylization - pronounced head, palms and feet
* Real world scale (system units - centimeters)
* Base is at the World Origin (0,0) just above the grid
* Clean non-overlapping UVs
* Meaningful names of object and parts of the rig
* 3 levels of mesh subdivision for exchange formats with each mesh put in a separate file
* STL files both for using in CAD applications and for 3D printing

File formats:
* max - Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 (rigged)
* fbx - Autodesk FBX ver. 2014
* dae - Collada
* obj - Wavefront Technologies
* 3ds - 3D Studio
* stl - StereoLithography
* png - preview images
* pdf - User Guide

* Polygon count: 2568 vertices, 2566 quads, no tris or ngons
* Model dimensions: W=140cm, L=65cm, H=180cm
* UVW mapping: YES, non-overlapping
* Material: YES, simple procedural without maps
* Textures: NO

Only 3ds max model has full-featured rig and custom controls.
Exchange formats contain mesh only, without rig, skin and custom controls.

Available Sample File for Download

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Available Source 3D Model File Formats


  • Optimized-for3D Printing, Augmented Reality, Games, Low Poly
  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), 3D Studio Max file (.max), Autodesk FBX file (.fbx), Collada (.dae), StereoLithography (.stl), Wavefront (.obj)
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • PluginsNone
  • MaterialsYes
  • TexturesNo
  • RiggedYes
  • AnimatedNo
  • Polygons2562
  • Vertices2563
  • LicenseRoyalty Free
  • File-sizesN/A
  • LicenseRoyalty Free
  • Copyright TransferredNo
  • ResellableNo
3D Model ID: 326071

Published on: July 4, 2022