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The spinal column, spine or spine is a complex articulated and resistant osteofibrocartilaginous structure, in the form of a longitudinal stem, which constitutes the posterior and inferior part of the axial skeleton. The spine is a set of bones located (to its greatest extent) in the middle and back of the trunk, and goes from the head (which supports), through the neck and back, to the pelvis a which gives support.

The functions of the spine are several, mainly intervenes as a static and dynamic support element, provides protection to the spinal cord covering it, and is one of the factors that help maintain the center of gravity of vertebrates.

The spine is the main support structure of the skeleton that protects the spinal cord and allows the human being to move in a "standing" position, without losing balance. The vertebral column is formed by seven cervical vertebrae, twelve thoracic vertebrae or dorsal vertebrae, five lower lumbar vertebrae welded to the sacrum, and three to five vertebrae welded to the "tail" or coccyx. Between the vertebrae, there are also tissues called intervertebral discs that give greater flexibility.

The spine also serves as a support for the skull.

middle high poly backbones model

-texture map and Materials including for the bone ( bump map )

No script??s or extra plug-ins needed

ready to render with mental ray

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The word ‘backbone’ means the most important part of a system that provides the core support for the rest of the system. Like the backbone of the human body that holds and balances all the body parts together. The backbone or spine is our body’s central support structure. It keeps us upright and connects the different parts of our skeleton to each other , our head, chest, pelvis, shoulders, arms and legs. Although the backbone (spine) is made up of a chain of bones, it is flexible due to elastic ligaments and spinal disks..

The length of someone’s backbone (spine) depends on their height. The average length is 71 cm in men and 61 cm in women. Your spine has many functions , it carries the weight of your head, torso and arms, and allows your body to move in every direction

As you can see in this 3D model of the backbone (spine) , this model can be used with various applications such as painting, animated movies, school & college projects, scientific research, education purpose, and many more areas. This Backbone model showcases a detailed textured surface of this realistic Backbone model which gives us high definition visualization of the object from all angles .

There are multiple file formats this Backbone model is available as mentioned in the specification section so it can be used with any of the supporting rendering software.

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Published on: February 15, 2012