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Weapons Pack 3D Models, game ready.

Note: Can be used in any 3D software that supports Obj files.

Humanity has been using weapons since ancient times. The simplest types of weapons are a stick or a stone that is easy to find anywhere. Initially, the main purpose of the weapon was primarily hunting, and in the second - protection from predators. But in ancient times, weapons have also been used to attack and defend themselves in battles of various groups of people.

The earliest archaeological finds that can be categorized without a doubt as weapons are the Sheninger spears, which date about 400 thousand years ago. Sticks, rocks that people have probably used before, are not preserved and can not be categorized unequivocally as weapons.

Varieties of weapons:
Cold weapons - knives, swords, swords, spears, and others.
Metal weapons - darts, slings, bows.
Firearms - all types of pistols, rifles, guns, etc., firing due to instant burning of gunpowder and gases that push a bullet or a projectile.
Automatic weapons - automatic machines, machine guns, airbags, etc., in which the shutter is triggered for firing queues.
Semi-automatic weapons - a pistol, a carbine, a rifle, etc., in which the shutter is triggered for the next single shot.
Smooth-bore weapons - mainly hunting weapons, from which firing, trolling, and gecking.
Narrator weapons are weapons whose inner surface of the muzzle has a thread that gives bullets or projectiles rotational around the longitudinal axis.
Weapons of mass destruction are weapons of very great devastating power. This includes:
Bacteriological (biological) weapons are weapons, the action of which is based on the pathogenic properties of microorganisms that are pathogens of the disease of humans, animals, and plants.
Chemical weapons - poisonous substances and means of their use (missiles, shells, mines, etc. with a charge of toxic substances).
Nuclear weapons are weapons whose action is based on the use of the energy of fission or the synthesis of atomic nuclei.
High-precision weapon - usually a guided weapon, capable of striking the target with a first shot (launch) at any distance within its reach.
Hunting weapons are weapons used for hunting.
Sports weapons are weapons used in sporting events.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: newhere