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Motorcycle 3D Model Free Download In the US, by the late 60's, and in the USSR, by the mid-1970's, the complex social situation and the development of youth subcultures lead to the formation of a typical rebel image, and in particular to the negative perception of a motorcyclist, in the eyes of ordinary citizens, as a person capable of personal freedom and the interests of the narrow community are above the law. Both states, with the help of police measures and PR, tried to deal with existing offenses by groups of bikers by pressure on the motorcycle community in general, including ordinary law-abiding users. With the downturn in aggression in society and some economic upsurge, such sentiments have gone, but the emergence of biker outlaw- "gangs" (including those in the USSR in the late 80's) remained a vivid fact of the history of the motorcycle, which influenced the development of motorcycle movement in the world. In the '80s, under the influence of the unceasing popularity of motorsports, fashioned roulette shaped veneers, with lightweight velocities, lightweight, rigid space frames, and disc brakes are widely used. From cross-country motorcycles, consumer "enduro" is separated, quads appear, and the 50th revolver revives in the form of a modern "scooter" with plastic lining, cast wheels and an engine of reduced cubic capacity while maintaining power. Among the "just motorcycles" there is an increasing differentiation - allocated "loaded" streetfighters, close to the racing sports bike, comfortable massive and not needing ideal paths of turturians, neo classics - variations on the theme of the late '60s, from the cruisers are separated by bizarre choppers, based on serial models all kinds of hand-made even more fastidious customs. The 1990s - the beginning of the 2000s is characterized by the growth of technological excellence of leading brands, due to the widespread introduction of computers in design, material science, and design work. On the other hand, the rapid growth of the economies of China and other countries in Southeast Asia has almost completely replaced the renowned firms from the market of cheap utilitarian motors and fully met the highest demand for light motorcycles in developing countries. European manufacturers of traditional brands lose or lose strength, disappear or absorb more; the motor industry of the former USSR, which at the turn of the 80's reached the second place in the world by volumes of production, is represented by archaic models and therefore practically ceases to exist. In 2010, in Europe and the United States, the number of small-scale exclusive productions is growing, sometimes using the famous in the past brands. A striking feature of the modern era was the emergence of mass electric motors of all classes - due to bringing to the consumer market technologies of lithium-ion batteries, powerful contactless motors and a natural fashion for environmental ideas. Massive electric cars of especially small classes are widely produced in China. At the same time, on the Asian and Latin American conveyors, as before, there are models with ICE, which lead their own time cue from the early 60's. By appointment, motorcycles are divided into:
  • road (transport);
  • sports
By design, form, and layout of the frame, engine and wheels (and, accordingly, the fitting of a motorcyclist), the following main groups:
  • highway
  • highway sports;
  • off-road (enduro);
  • cross
  • racing;
  • choppers
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