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Featured Photo Renders
About FlatPyramid Photo Renders

What Are Photo renders? They are photos derived from 3D models through a process known as 3D rendering. Photo Renders are cleaner images free from imperfections that maintain their clarity. They are better than most photos from your regular digital cameras.

See the video below for more info on Photo renders.

About Photo Renders

About The Stock Photo Renders On Flat Pyramid

We started selling Photo renders (that is, photos derived from 3D models and not from cameras) due to the numerous requests from our customers that were tired of overpaying for low quality photos on other stock photo websites. These customers where looking to set themselves apart from the rest by using high quality studio like photos which they were not able to get at any of the stock photo websites out there.

Others did not mind the cost savings derived from downloading our high def 3D photo renders… higher quality at half the price.

Needless to say, we thought it would be great if we could simply provide the photo renders (3D renderings) from our 3D models so that our non technical customers would be able to access the same broadcast quality high resolution photos that AD agencies, TV & movie production studios use.

What do I get when I buy and download Photo Renders from Flat Pyramid?

  1. ALL PERSPECTIVES - You will receive all the different perspectives of the same photo [in different sizes, colors, angle views… all for one price].This is a wonderful option if you tend to have a hard time deciding what angle or viewpoint is best.
    You get all the different perspectives of the same photo for one price
    Why waste valuable time deciding which photo to buy, when you can get them all for one price now.

  2. ALL SIZES - Many of us may not have the tools required to alter the size of a given photo, or know how to resize photos, or maybe just don’t have the time to bother with that. We pride ourselves with our simplified purchasing process that allows the downloading of various sizes… all for one price.
    You get all the different sizes available for one price
    Note: Some websites subject you to having to pay for each size that you may need. Now, what if the size you downloaded wasn’t quite the right size that you needed. Well, you don’t have to worry about that here. We’ll give you access to all the sizes you need for any given photo render for one sell price! Whether it’s a high resolution image for print work, or a low resolution version for a class presentation… we’ve got you covered.

  3. ONE LICENSE - You get 1 license that covers your personal and commercial use… simplified license to cover all your usage needs.
    Other sites have multiple licenses that are required, which can be difficult or confusing if you’re not familiar with licenses. With us, you only need one license.
    There is also an option for an exclusive license if you need one.

  4. NO CREDITS – Pay as you go …only pay for what you need when you need it.
    Many photo websites require you to purchase what they call “credits” before you can download their photos. So you’re either left with excess credits you don’t need but already paid for, or finding yourself purchasing additional credits. The process of buying photos doesn’t need to be this complicated! Find what you need, buy, and download… it’s just that simple.

  5. NO RELEASES REQUIRED - Releases are usually needed in order to use regular photographs of characters. Well, in the case of PHOTO RENDERS, they do not require any special permission. You are free to use our PHOTO RENDERS in any which way you please.

  6. LIFE LIKE IMAGES - Higher quality images… Most actual photos on a photo site lack the level of quality and clarity that PHOTO RENDERS consistently maintain. Imagine getting human PHOTO RENDERS such as the one pictured below with permission to use it with one license and no release. Purchasing a PHOTO RENDER is definitely the best way to go.
    Very realistic life like images with photo renders

  7. CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT - Real photos lack a controlled environment – a studio-like setting that our PHOTO RENDERS offer. You will only see what you want to see in your photo. No more undesirable elements in the picture… only exactly what you want to see.
    You control the environment of your photo render without worries about right lighting, releases, studio time, perspectives, missing the shot, etc

  8. NO ADDITIONAL SOTWARE REQUIRED - There is no additional software required… just download your PHOTO RENDER today and start using it immediately just like you would use a photo. Our RENDERED PHOTOS come typically in a JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. These are image formats that are universally accepted.

  9. BETTER LIGHTING - Every PHOTO RENDER has better and consistent lighting. Regular photos can be problematic when it comes to shadows and maybe even low or limited lighting. You will never have a problem seeing every single element in a PHOTO RENDER.
    Photo renders offer you the freedom to not worry about the lighting as they have better and consistent lighting.

  10. CONCEPT PHOTOS - You can access photos that you can’t get anywhere else, such as concept photos that can be difficult to reproduce in real life, prototypes or hard to find photos (for example, a high res photo of the human digestive system).
    With photo renders you can get concept photos for new products, ideas or inventions that otherwise would be hard to reproduce in real life or get before the product is in the market.

  11. ACCESS TO THE 3D MODEL - For those who happen to be skilled with 3d models or who work with 3d modelers, you can download the original 3D model to make additional changes to color, size, rotation, etc. or to create your own PHOTO RENDER from it.

  12. HUGE AND GROWING DATABASE - We have a growing database of 100% Premium PHOTO RENDERS for you to search and browse through! Our database offers hundreds of thousands of HD photos to choose from!

What Others Are Saying About Flat Pyramid Photo Renders

We had no idea how we could have pulled it off without Flat Pyramid...luckily our graphic artist found a stock photo render on your website that was perfect for our marketing banner and was able to put it together in a couple of hours...which really save us.

Shea Lin -IDTC, Inc

Before using stock photo renders from Flat Pyramid I took a lot of time to finish each design but now I can just get the right photo renders that I need anytime!

Mike Vargas – Freelance Designer