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A low-polygon wild boar 3d model in a forest ready to be rigged and animated.

The boar is an omnivorous, hoofed mammal, non-ruminant, from the genus of boars (Sus). It differs from the domestic pig, which undoubtedly originated from the boar (and other closely related species), has a shorter and denser body, thicker and higher legs; besides, the boar’s head is longer and thinner, its ears are longer, sharper and, moreover, erect, sharp. Constantly growing upper and lower canines, protruding upward from the mouth, the male is much more developed than the female.

Elastic bristles, in addition to the lower part of the neck and the back of the abdomen, form on the back something like a mane with a crest that puffs when the animal is excited. In winter, a thick and soft underfur grows under the bristles. The bristle is black-brown with an admixture of yellowish, the undercoat is brownish-gray, thanks to which the overall color is gray-black-brown, the muzzle, tail, lower legs and hooves are black. Motley and pied specimens are rare and are considered descendants of feral domestic pigs. The color of the bristles can vary depending on the age and habitat: while in Belarus there are pure black boars, in the area of ​​Lake Balkhash there are very light, almost whitish ones.

On a massive, thick and short neck, there is a large wedge-shaped head with long, wide ears, small eyes and a powerful protruding snout with a heel well adapted for digging. An adult wild boar can dig its frozen soil with a snout to a depth of 15-17 cm. The tail is 20-25 cm long, with a hairbrush at the end. The digestive system is relatively simple compared to the rest of the artiodactyls. Makes the same sounds like a domestic pig (grunting and squealing); They can be divided into contact, alarming and combat.

The length of the body is up to 175 cm, the height at the withers is up to 1 m. The weight of an adult wild boar usually does not exceed 100 kg, although it can reach 150-200 kg. Occasionally in Eastern Europe, individuals weighing up to 275 kg are caught, and in Primorye and Manchuria - up to half a ton. Sexual dimorphism is clearly manifested - females are smaller: height at withers is up to 90 cm, weight in the range of 60-180 kg. The life span of an animal can reach 14 years in nature and 20 years in captivity and protected areas. The boar can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h. Boars are good swimmers; in 2013, one boar swam from France to the island of Alderney far to the north.

In the karyotype 36-38 chromosomes. The study of mitochondrial DNA showed that wild boars originated somewhere on the islands of Southeast Asia, for example, on the territory of modern Indonesia or the Philippines, from which they then spread throughout mainland Eurasia and North Africa. The oldest fossils of this species belong to the early Pleistocene, gradually displacing the closely related species Sus strozzi - a large, adapted to life in a swamp, an animal from which, apparently, the Javanese pig originates. The closest relative is a bearded pig found on the Malay Peninsula and a number of Indonesian islands.

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Published on: March 10, 2012
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