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Cinema 4D (.c4d) [r10] 2.07 MB
3D Studio (.3ds) 2.15 MB
AutoCAD (.dxf) 1.9 MB
Wavefront (.obj) 2.39 MB
Snowcat collection 3D Model

in Cinema 4D (.c4d), 3D Studio (.3ds), AutoCAD (.dxf), Wavefront (.obj)

Snowcat collection:
1 snowcat with 2 tracks (Polygons 37613)
1 snowcat with 4 tracks (Polygons 46937)
1 snowcat with rear passengers compartiment (Polygons 48014)
Only cinema 4d R10 format has materials.
Snow blade group can be removed.

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 132,943
Vertices: 134,435
Textures: No
Materials Yes
Animated: No
Rigged: No
2011-02-13 09:05 AM GMT +0000
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Wavefront (.obj)

[15941 polygons, 47823 vertices] 215.31 KB

[18427 polygons, 55281 vertices] 301.44 KB

[26810 polygons, 80430 vertices] 520.57 KB

[88139 polygons, 158621 vertices] 1.35 MB

Collada (.dae)

[15941 polygons, 47823 vertices] 280.38 KB

[18427 polygons, 55281 vertices] 415.01 KB

[26810 polygons, 80430 vertices] 730.9 KB

[88139 polygons, 158621 vertices] 1.53 MB

Wikitude (.wt3)BETA

[88139 polygons, 158621 vertices] 4.66 KB

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StereoLithography (.stl)

[88139 polygons, 158621 vertices] 1.74 MB

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