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3D Model by arkviz

Polygon saving but accurate 3d model created according to real reference. Native format is Cinema 4d R21, model CAN'T use Hypernurbs subdivision. Other formats are exported in one resolution. Exported formats 3ds, max, fbx and obj are prepared well to work correctly with every standard modeling software such as Maya, Lightwave etc... Using FBX file for import is strongly recommended, because it preserves basic material properties, objects hierarchy, uvw coordinates and quad geometry. 3ds format preserves basic material properties, hierarchy and uvw coordinates, but all geometry is triangular. Max format includes hierarchy, quad geometry and standard materials. OBJ format preserves only quad geometry and uvw coordinates. Each format of model (except for OBJ) has hierarchy of parents and children objects ready to animate manually or using any car animation plugin. All mesh parts separated by material are jointed under one empty (no polygons) object used as their pivot. All materials, textures and objects are sorted well to make Your own materials for special render engines. ONLY native c4d version has some special following features. It is animated using Xpresso (no keyframes), Model in c4d format includes exterior and interior lighting, automatic reverse and brake lights. Textures are included with all files, main texture's size is 2048x2048 pixels split onto these channels - xxxtex.jpg (diffuse color), xxx_bum.jpg (bump), xxx_spe.jpg (specular color and intensity), xxx_ref.jpg (reflectance intensity), xxx_lum.jpg (luminance color). C4D version comes with standard and Vray materials. Previews were rendered using Cinema 4d R21 Studio, Physical renderer. Model scale unit is centimeters. Environment scene where the car is placed is not included! This model was created, saved and exported from Cinema 4d R21. Compatibility level with other versions may be restricted due to changes in versions of software.

Hyundai ix35 (2010) is a hydrogen fuel-centric vehicle. It is developed and produced by Hyundai and known to be the first mass hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to be sold commercially. The first generation was introduced in 2001 and has a range of 160 km with a top speed of 126 km/h. This car is also known as Tucson FCEV, which includes 80kW electric motors developed by Enova Systems of Torrance, California and a 152V battery was co-developed by Hyundai motors Co and LG Chem. Seoul in South Korea. It encompasses 152 liters of hydrogen storage tanks designed and formulated by Dynetek Industries LTD.

The 2005 version has a range of 300km and a top speed of 150km/hour. The car was launched in the Los Angeles motor show and completed a 6,900 km journey as a part of the hydrogen road tour 2008. The Hyundai ix35 (2010) has also won the 2013 Brussels motor show. The only drawback which comes with is the shortage of hydrogen-fuel station across the world. Otherwise, this car is considered as one of the best options for future locomotion.

To redefine its quality and captivating design we came up with a 3D model of Hyundai ix35 (2010) with a detailed interior that is fully textured. Both headlight and taillight are modeled and the door can be opened. Moreover, the model includes modeled tires.
Our wide variety of formats and high-quality rendering options enhances the model’s versatility and functioning for your designing purposes.
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  • Vertices62906
  • Polygons48722
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedYes
  • MaterialsYes
  • RiggedYes
  • TexturesYes
  • File-formatsCinema 4D (.c4d)
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Published on: February 13, 2011
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