45 feet High Cube PIL shipping container 3D Model (max fbx ma mb texture obj)

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3D Model by junifor

45 feet PIL shipping container 3D model.
Modeled in Maya 2014.
All textures with 4000x4000.
Real-world scale

Common are 20- foot containers - the so-called TEU ( Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit ) - and 40-foot containers (FEU = Forty Foot Equivalent Unit). The 20 'standard containers measure (outside) 6,058 m × 2,438 m × 2,591 m and can z. B. 10,000 jeans or 20,000 original boxed clocks record, but also bulky goods, goods to be cooled in the refrigerated container, etc. The largest container ships hold 19,224 such standard containers (as of March 2015, Olympic series ).

The largest fully automated container port has been Hamburg- Altenwerder for several years.

By mid-2010, approximately 27.5 million TEU standard containers (20 ', 40' or 40 'high cube) were in circulation worldwide. The life of a conventional steel container is on average 12 to 13 years. Lately, these containers have been mainly made in China, most recently almost 3 million TEU annually. After the consequences of the financial crisis have significantly reduced the amount of freight, this production has almost come to a standstill. There is still a demand for special containers such as reefer containers.

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Published on: June 11, 2018