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3D Model Animation Video Made With Our Stock 3D Models Library

The video above was created using the 3D models on FlatPyramid.

Now that you have seen our cool 3D video created with the 3d model content from FlatPyramid, let’s talk about some of the benefits of using our 3D models.

Benefits of Buying FlatPyramid’s 3D models

  1. When you buy 3D models from us you get the source files that contain all the 3D model files in all the available file formats (e.g. 3ds, obj, maya, etc) as well as the accompany textures and materials. This allows you to customize it in any form you choose as well as get any viewing angles you require.

  2. FlatPyramid 3D models accurately reflect real-world objects and thus can be used as a great visualization tool for some of the following:
    • Augmented Reality and Mobile Apps.
    • Advertising and marketing campaigns including TV commercials.
    • Online and mobile games.
    • Presenting complex technical information, procedures and operations.
    • Product demos, presentations and simulations.
    • Animations including 360 Degree Views, fly-throughs and exploded views.
    • Environment simulations.
    • 3D corporate logos, corporate and sales presentations.
    • Interactive websites.
    • Virtual worlds and immersive environments.
    • Special effects, video-editing software, web and CD based instructional and training videos.

  3. Save time & cost — 3D models cost less and are ready faster than physical products with the added advantages of more usability.

  4. Creates visible and profitable opportunities for digital artists and 3D modelers globally by making their existing content available for a fee or free to someone else that needs it. Thus, saving time and money.

  5. Provides entrepreneurs and inventors a way to competitively showcase their prototypes and ideas digitally using 3D models.

  6. Gives our customers the added ability to request for project-specific, custom-made 3D models by tapping into a pool of thousands of 3D artists and modelers that are members of FlatPyramid.

What Others Are Saying About FlatPyramid 3D Models

We used your 3D models in our last marketing campaign and it really saved us from having to use props on the set. Thanks again… and yes I will refer my friends to use your website.

Calvin Brooks -Brooks Design

I am constantly been asked by clients at our law firm on how to market their patents. Now I have a solution to recommend and I must say that your services have really helped my clients with a way to showcase their patents visually.

Rolly Smith – The Law Office of Smith, Case and Zabuski

Background - 3D models on FlatPyramid

When we started FlatPyramid.com, we where simply trying to provide a way for us to sell our 3d models. However, we realized that 3d model artists all around the world had the same challenge of finding a way to commercialize their existing 3D assets. Therefore, instead of just creating it for us to use we felt that it was only fair to share our online platform with others. Hence, the FlatPyramid.com 3D Model Marketplace was born.

Also, we thought that if we could provide a 3D marketplace where anyone could find any type of 3d models that they needed to buy, all on one website by simply searching for it, then no longer would people have to spend a tremendous amount of time and money hiring a 3D artist to create content for them. Also, 3D artists that already had assets could continuously profit from it by becoming a seller. A Win - Win situation for everyone involved.

Now, we thought that if we provided this platform then everyone in the 3d modeling industry would jump at it and become a mini eBay® for 3d models or Amazon.com® specifically targeted to 3D modeling. We were right! Sort off …but we did not anticipate some of the challenges ahead.

Oh by the way, see below some of the coolest and funniest testimonials we have received so far:

You guys saved me today. No Kidding! Without the 3d models on your website I would have been fired from my job today. I was totally not going to make my deadline but was able to quickly purchase and download some of your cool aircraft and car models to impress my boss and even look good in the process. Thanks guys!

- Steve Martin

Thanks! I now make enough money from selling on your website to almost quit my day job!

J  - Anonymous

My husband is a 3d model buff and I hate you guys for providing him a place to shop for 3D models. Now, he no longer spends time with me but at least he provides me with lots of shopping money all because of you guys.

– Susie Wong.

This is probably not appropriate as a testimonial but I used your website to impress my girlfriend's 69 year old father into thinking that I am some sort of artistic genius. Now he wants me to marry his daughter.

– Ajab B. Daniels

Hey! you too can send us your testimonial and it might make the cut for this page.

Ok, where were we…yes regarding the challenges we faced - After a couple of years of running a 3D modeling website we found out that the biggest issue  we faced was helping our customers find what they want from our vast library. So we introduced an enhanced 3d search with filters to allow our customers to easily narrow down or expand their search to get specifically what they needed.

Another challenge was that some customers were not sure about which of the versions of a particular 3d model they should buy. For example, a customer trying to purchase a max 3d model of a 2010 BMW X5 car might discover that we have lets say for this example, 20 different versions of the same car from 20 different 3d artist sellers on our site. This created a challenge for some customers as they were not sure which of the numerous versions was the right one for them. So, we started providing our 3d artist seller profiles and even recommending 3d models that have successfully sold with no issues.

Others were not sure which of the 3d model file formats they would need after purchasing a 3d model product. So, we started offering all the available file formats for download after checkout all for the same price.

Oh and lets not forget that some people are just too picky and required specific or custom 3d models. So guess what, we started offering a high quality custom 3D modeling and rendering graphics services at affordable rates.

Then, finally we had others that where not 3d artists and did not know how to manipulate or work with any of the sophisticated 3d modeling software and plugin programs but simply wanted  the high quality photo renders generated from the models, so guess what? We started offering high resolution photo renders also known as 3d renderings.

Today, we have come full circle and are now considered one of the best 3D Marketplaces out there for 3D models by our friends, enemies and customers. We offer some of the highest quality 3d models out there as well as custom 3d modeling services.

If for any reason you can't find what your looking for by searching for 3D models or simply need help with locating something in particular then just contact us and we will be glad to help you with your request.

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