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3D Exterior Architectural Modeling for Homes and Villas

3D External Commercial or Residential Renderings are a great way to promote an upcoming residential or commercial development for marketing and leasing purposes. Most of the real estate and developers are dependent on 3D renderings. 3D Exterior renderings are of extreme importance in the architectural industry. 3D rendering animation design and modeling are most popular of all other... read more »

New printable models

Model updates to MT-135 and ESSM models both feature now print ready models. read more »


  Here is the project of a fully 3D modeled and architectural apartment rendering of a multiplex residential building in US. The building is being shown in both virtual environment plan and also the street view. Various forms of sketches have been used extensively to generate architectural ideas keeping in mind that 3D architectural visualization offers specific benefits to both the client... read more »

Exona concept dark edition retouching with gimp

My latest rendering project created with cycles render.I've been experimenting with new colors in cycles for my popular Exona concept,because ordinary carpaints were borring to me.So I Mixed brown color with black and I've got this dark carpaint.I was pleased with final rendering,but I tried to improve it even more with brushes and layer effects in gimp.Maybe I've exaggerated a little... read more »

Happy Holidays! (Week 23)

Last week I lost my job, girlfriend and wrecked my car. But luckily I was able to get a 3d modeling job in a company where all the other employees work part time because they all have other full time jobs. I am basically the only full time employee working out of the office.   This was very strange to me at first as I arrived on Monday morning to an empty office and basically had to onboard... read more »

Download The Porsche Cayman S 3D Model FREE

Porche is offering their Porsche Cayman S 3D Model in stl format as 3d printing data. The idea is to encourage 3D enthusiast to create, print and colorize your personal Cayman S. You can download the file here and submit your 3d print results at: http://www.porsche.com/international/cayman_3d read more »

How to Get Hired as a 3D Artist (Week 22)

Last Saturday was our company’s Christmas party and as you know if you read my last weeks post, I was wondering if I should take my girlfriend Katrina to the event.  I chose to do so only because she insisted that she wanted to be there. It was a great event as there were a lot of creative type people gathered there. I was seated at a fun table with other 3d artists, VFX guys and... read more »

Your Smartphone as a 3D Scanner

  3D scanning aims to capture the geometry of the 3D world. However, most existing solutions require a complicated setup, are often hard to use and might not always work outdoors. Marc Pollefeys, professor at the Institute for Visual Computing and his group found a way to develop a software that works with existing smartphone technology that allows the user to scan a 3D model almost as easy... read more »

Selfie Of A 3D Artist (Week 21)

On Tuesday, I received a selfie of Marie. She was topless and sent it to me while in the office with a text message saying “Lets do lunch baby”. For those of you that don’t know what a selfie is it is a photograph of yourself taken with your camera phone by you. Now, Marie and I work together but last week at a night club we kinda made out while I was under the influence of... read more »

Now You Can Make a Perfect 3D Model from the Palm of Your Hand

MIT researchers have developed handheld milling machines, also known as the FreeD, that allow users to maintain a level of personal style while also ensuring that the final product is still recognizable as a piece of artwork. Using the same principles as a 3D printer, the machine relies on a 3D model on a computer. Rather than creating an object out of layers of plastic, however, it only removes... read more »

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