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The Future of Design With 3D Models

SpaceX the company founded by Elon Musk, the world’s busiest rich dude and mad scientist, has just posted a video showing off the Iron Man-inspired 3D modeling setup and is exploring methods for engineers to accelerate their workflow by designing more directly in 3D.   
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Right Brain 3D Artists Are Geniuses

The right side of our brain is our creativity center. In addition to things like artistic creativity, this is the intuitive part of our brain. It is where problem solving happens. In genius brains, this part of the brain is also believed to be more honed than in normal brains. It tends to be less compartmentalized in geniuses than in other brains. Studies have revealed that 3D Artist like you have more developed right side of the brain Could this mean that 3D artist are geniuses?
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3D Printed Hyperloop Model Is Cool

Of all the things impressive regarding the 3D Hyperloop model, the fact that one of our 3d model artist created it in just a couple of days. Other 3d artist and companies have also created it in a couple of hours and created physical prototypes using 3d printing technology.   The Hyperloop model provide a window into the future of transportation and proves just how important 3d modeling and 3D printing is. It also shows how it can be used to create quick models of very complex projects. See below some of the 3d Models of the Hyperloop.
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Guide For Selecting Human Anatomy 3D Models

Note: This article discusses digital 3d models, for
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How To Make Your Realistic Custom 3d Models If You Are New To 3d Modeling

This is a common question for every beginner in the 3D industry. Can I possible just take a training course and be able to make realistic custom 3d models right away? I get similar inquiries from students that are looking to save time and keep their expenses low. In reality, there is no quick way to get these specialized skills. As with any skill, the more time you spend teaching yourself, the more effective you will be in getting what you want. Therefore, it is very difficult to start building a new 3d model or customizing one if you are a newbie in the 3d industry.
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How To Best Use Custom 3d Models To Get Realistic 3d Face Modeling

Face 3d modeling is done using stock or a custom 3d models that are created with relative smooth and clean meshes and have quite a bit of details. They can also be started using face recognition devices and processing software. Below, we discuss the first approach to achieve realistic results.
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New printable models

Model updates to MT-135 and ESSM models both feature now print ready models.
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Exona concept dark edition retouching with gimp

My latest rendering project created with cycles render.I've been experimenting with new colors in cycles for my popular Exona concept,because ordinary carpaints were borring to me.So I Mixed brown color with black and I've got this dark carpaint.I was pleased with final rendering,but I tried to improve it even more with brushes and layer effects in gimp.Maybe I've exaggerated a little,but I'm very pleased with the final result.Now it looks more powe
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