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3D Artists Can Have Fun Too! (Week 20)

With the Thanksgiving holidays, this week was pretty slow. Most people took off on vacation and the rest of us had more time to goof around in the office. We had our annual potluck celebration and I was tasked with bringing a dessert treat. I chose to bring almond pound cake and brought two cakes to the office.   As soon as my office cubicle mate, Robert “The Glutton”, saw the... read more »

Smithsonian Makes 3D Imaging Push

The Smithsonian Institution is launching a new 3D scanning and printing initiative to make more artifacts accessible to schools, researchers and the public worldwide. read more »

Working As A 3D Modeler (Week 19)

Last week I started a new contract 3d modeling job and was unfortunate enough to have a weird guy sitting next to me in the next cubicle.  Now, it has been a while since I worked in an office environment and so having to wake up early to go into the office everyday has really been stressful as I am used to doing a lot of my 3d modeling work at night and staying up late into the early hours... read more »

3D-Printed Gun Made Out Of Metal

Every part of the gun except for the springs is made with "direct metal laser sintering," or DMLS, a technology that constructs metal parts from a 3D design by blasting powdered metal with a laser. read more »

3D Model Job (Week 18)

Last week I somehow got my friend’s 5years old son (little Kelvin) suspended from school for wearing an inappropriate Halloween costume. So I started the week off reluctantly having to call and apologize to the principal of his elementary school to rescind on the suspension. The cheeky principal guy was not satisfied with my phone apology and requested that I send in a formal letter of... read more »

How Game Freak built the new creatures and 3D models of Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y is a big hit worldwide, selling 4 million copies in the first two days of worldwide release (2.3 million in Japan alone as of this week). It's heady times for Ken Sugimori, character art director at Game Freak and the main man responsible for the franchise's look and feel. "My first gut reaction is 'Oh, man, it's finally out,'" he said in an interview published in ... read more »

New 3D Model Virus Explains The Lack Of Common Cold Cure

With all of the medical advances in recent history, it is sometimes surprising that we have not yet found a cure for the common cold. But a new model for rhinovirus C shows unexpected structural differences, creating potential for the development of new cold drugs.   Researchers from the University of Wisconson-Madison, led by Prof. Ann Palmenberg, successfully constructed a 3D model of the... read more »

Halloween (Week 17)

This week was Halloween and I was actually very busy trying to deliver all the last minute Halloween themed 3d modeling jobs on my plate. So nothing much happened as I was hunkered down in my apartment all week working like a dog to ensure I meet all the aggressive deadlines.   However, on Halloween day I took my friend’s son to his school’s Halloween parade at his Kindergarten.... read more »

Box World Effects Template Tutorial - ConnectFX Graphics Template For Autodesk Smoke

The Box World effects template features a series of dynamic 3D cubes that can easily be customized to display your own content on the cubes' sides. The scene is fully customizable so you can rotate and move the cubes around and adjust the camera angle, lighting, and textures in the scene. Visit AREA to download the archive for this template: http://area.autodesk.com/freetemplates read more »

Learning How To Market My 3D Modeling Services (Week 16)

This week I decided to attend a marketing seminar to learn how to market my custom 3d modeling services better and generate more business. It was only a one day workshop… which I felt was great.   Day one began with us all introducing ourselves and then been put into groups of fives. Unfortunately, for me there was a lady by the name of Sarah in my group. Now Sarah was a lady that I... read more »

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