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Google Glass Hints Future Features Including 3D Model Creation

Google Glass was recently graced with another firmware update, something the folks over at Android Police have dug into for a detailed look. With this latest software comes hints of a slew of new features that Glass owners could expect to see in the future, among them being the ability to tune an instrument and create a 3D model.     A lot of the most interesting hidden features are... read more »

3D Party (Week 15)

Cornelius had a very big face with a balding hair line and big popping eye balls. He knocked on my door early Sunday morning and as I looked through the peep hole, I saw his very large face staring back at me. I was still recovering from my hangover from the night before so I freaked out thinking it was one of the 3d creatures from one of my reoccurring bad dreams. He yelled “open the door... read more »

3D Modeling History Lesson (Week 14)

This week was a very busy week for me. It started off with my Mum calling saying she was not feeling well and requesting that I come see her immediately. So I said I would stop by that evening around 6pm after my appointment. However, my appointment was rescheduled so I decided to visit a friend of mine that lives about a 1 mile from her to kill time.  As I was approaching my friends place I... read more »

Autodesk ReCap Photo - Photo scan software for image-based modeling

You can now create high-quality textured 3D mesh models and point clouds from photos for digital or physical use with Autodesk® ReCap™ Photo, an advanced professional-grade service. Capture and upload photos into this cloud service where you can automatically stitch them together to create an image-based model, as well as add survey points or known distances for improved precision.  ... read more »

Mr Tapia - The Nasty 3d Director (Week 13)

I met Mr. Tapia last weekend at a friends wedding. He was sitting on the same table with me and so we got talking. I discovered that he was a 3d Art Director at a production studio in Hollywood. We exchanged business cards and I setup an appointment to meet with him on Tuesday for lunch at his office.   I arrived at his office early for lunch and decided to use the restroom while the... read more »

3Doodler gadget makes handheld 3D modeling possible

The 3Doodler, a sort of handheld 3D modeler.The gadget extrudes heated plastic, similar to an electric glue gun, that allows users to make a variety of objects. The company plans to offer stencils on its website for beginner users to make everything from the Eiffel Tower to a horse-drawn carriage. See the 3Doodler in action in the video below: read more »

2015 Ford Mustang Rendered in 3D [Video]

Even though the 3D rendering is far from being finished, with minor changes to be added in the future - the author says the quarter window “may need a little tweaking” and the taillights are obviously similar to those on the current musclecar - this “360 degree spin” video is one that Mustang enthusiasts can’t miss. Compare with the 2013 version below: read more »

Why 3D Artist Gain Weight (Week 12)

Like every 3d artist that I know, I spend countless hours a day on the computer working on one 3d modeling project after another. With most projects having aggressive deadlines it is almost impossible not to work long hours in order to meet the timelines. This of course means lots of sitting in front of the computer with no time to exercise thus leading to weight gain or worst of them all... read more »

New Sensor That Turns Your iPad Into A Mobile 3D Scanner

Capture a 3D model of a room, or create 3D images of objects, just by walking around the space or the objects with a tablet Relevant Products/Services equipped with a clip-on sensor. That's the idea behind the first 3D sensor specifically designed for mobile Relevant Products/Services devices. read more »

Google Earth No Longer Accepting Hand-Built 3D Models

With only a few weeks left until new 3d models in the Google 3D Warehouse are no longer loaded into Google Earth, we are seeing that 3d modeling is becoming more of a specialized industry for 3d artist that continue to build amazing 3d models.    While we can appreciate that Google is pushing more toward 3D Imagery instead of hand-built 3d models, it will be a long time before the... read more »

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