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Software That Can Make 3D Models From A Single Photograph

Most image-based modelling packages can recreate 3D models from two or more reference photos of an object. 3-Sweep goes one better – or rather, one fewer. This magical software can almost instantly turn a still photo into a 3D model.   Demonstrated at Siggraph Asia 2013, the software only requires the user to define the three dimensions of an object in a photo by swiping along them with a... read more »

The Beach (Week 10)

Last weekend was very hot in Los Angeles, so my girlfriend Katrina and I decided to go hang out at the beach. I brought my laptop, speakers and camera with me to the beach. My goal was to use the beach environment to stimulate my imagination to create.   While chilling on the sand listening to Swedish House Mafia, I got inspired and decided to use the opportunity to work on some 3d models... read more »

Teaching My Mum 3D Modeling (Week 9)

I have not spoken to my Mum for the last couple of months due to the wig incident at Aunty P’s funeral. However, I heard from family members that my Mum was saying that I had abandoned her and was not returning her calls anymore.  Now, I don’t recall receiving any call or voice messages from her at all but I guess it’s her way of wanting me to call her. So I did and she... read more »

The Future of Design With 3D Models

SpaceX the company founded by Elon Musk, the world’s busiest rich dude and mad scientist, has just posted a video showing off the Iron Man-inspired 3D modeling setup and is exploring methods for engineers to accelerate their workflow by designing more directly in 3D.    By combining the gesture-sensing Leap Motion controller with an array of different display technologies (like the... read more »

Right Brain 3D Artists Are Geniuses

The right side of our brain is our creativity center. In addition to things like artistic creativity, this is the intuitive part of our brain. It is where problem solving happens. In genius brains, this part of the brain is also believed to be more honed than in normal brains. It tends to be less compartmentalized in geniuses than in other brains. Studies have revealed that 3D Artist like you... read more »

3D Printed Hyperloop Model Is Cool

Of all the things impressive regarding the 3D Hyperloop model, the fact that one of our 3d model artist created it in just a couple of days. Other 3d artist and companies have also created it in a couple of hours and created physical prototypes using 3d printing technology.   The Hyperloop model provide a window into the future of transportation and proves just how important 3d modeling and... read more »

The French Boss (Week 8)

“Madame Cecile was what everyone called her. She was French and acted very French. She built this business and made it into what it is today - one of the best Ad agencies in Los Angeles. So you would need to do things in a certain way while you work here” “The French way!”.  This was the initial briefing I got on my first day working at my new client site. I had been... read more »

Teaching 3D Modeling To High School Students (Week 7)

On Monday evening about 6.35pm, I met with my friends for happy hour at this trending restaurant where their Monday night special is half off any bottle of wine until 7pm. So we order a few bottles of wine quickly before the happy hour was over.   My buddy Tim, came over with this guy friend of his who is the principal at the local high school in the area.  He introduced himself to us... read more »

My Biggest 3D Modeling Job Ever! (Week 6)

“This is a big, braggy presentation from a guy trying to live the American start-up dream, but with no money or resources. Lord help you” That was the feedback I received from Bob Wright my mentor after I concluded my presentation on my vision of launching a niche focused 3d modeling and rendering company at a 3D incubator workshop session.    This as you can imagine was a... read more »

Katrina Jones is a Bitch 3D Modeling Job (Week 5)

“Katrina Jones is a Bitch!” That is what she said while staring right into my eyes. She is a salty little twat. Being that I am getting older, I wasn’t so sure what “salty” meant anymore as in “Don’t get all salty on me!” which I deciphered in the old sailor meaning of dirty talking, but actually it means having lots of (bad) attitude. So what did... read more »

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