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Elephants (Latin Elephantidae) is a family of mammals of the proboscis order. At present, the largest land mammals belong to this family.

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They live in Southeast Asia and Africa in tropical forests and savannas.

In the center of the elephant’s foot, there is a fat pad, which every time the elephant lowers its foot, “flattens out”, increasing the area of support. On the upper jaw, elephants have tusks. They are modified incisors that grow throughout the life of the animal. Usually, elephants either have two tusks or do not have them at all (males and females have tusks from African elephants, males from Indian ones). With the help of tusks, they peel the bark from the trees and loosen the earth in search of salt, and also inflict wounds on predators.

To protect themselves from parasites, elephants are often doused with liquid mud. The dried mud crust serves as a good protection against insects and promotes healing of wounds on the skin.

A characteristic organ of an elephant is the trunk, which is formed from the nose and upper lip and ends with one or two processes. The nostrils located at the end of the trunk serve as an organ of smell. The trunk serves as a grasping body, allowing the elephant to pick up small objects from the ground and pick fruits from highly placed branches. While drinking, the elephant collects water in the trunk and then pours it into the mouth. Also, with the help of a trunk, an elephant can, in a strong heat, create a shower for itself, wrap itself with water, dust or the same dirt.