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Aeroport is a complex of facilities designed for receiving, sending, basing aircraft and servicing air transport. It should have an airfield, air terminal (in large airports often have several air terminals). Also, one or several cargo terminals and other ground facilities and necessary equipment.

One of the first airports in the world was Konigsberg Airport Devau, which opened in 1919. There are hydro-airports for providing air transportation by seaplanes. Such airports do not have a runway, – its function is performed by the water surface of the reservoir – river, lake or sea water area.

International airport – an airport open to the reception and departure of aircraft performing international air transportation. It carries out border and customs control.

The airfield of any airport includes the airfield and taxiways, as well as the apron, parking and refueling sites, warehouses and air traffic control complex.

Aerodromes are a source of strong noise pollution.

The class of the airport is determined by the annual volume of passenger traffic (passenger transfer), that is, the total number of all arriving and departing passengers, including transit passengers (with a transfer from one aircraft to another).