Bus Stops 3D Models

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Bus stop – a place near the carriageway, reserved for public transport to board and disembark passengers.

In the simplest case, it can be indicated only by a special sign in accordance with the type of vehicle (for example, the bus stop is indicated by sign 5.16). But usually, at stops, they install canopies from rain and/or benches. At the bus stop, there is almost always a sign with the numbers of public transport routes. It stops at a given stop, and often also a timetable and a map of the routes or area.

Sometimes there are ticket sales points at such stops. In large cities at the stops, as a rule, outdoor advertising is placed. In a zone of stops of automobile public transport the corresponding road marking, forbidding a parking of cars is often put. Stopping for disembarking passengers urban transport is not an obstacle.

There are two main types of stops:

  • Permanent stops: transport arrives at stops on a schedule (often at fixed intervals).
  • Stop on demand: transport will not stop unless the passenger requests a stop. To do this, he can click on the corresponding button in the cabin or simply say about his desire to the driver. A person waiting for a bus at the bus stop should raise his hand (press the button if there is one), otherwise the transport may pass by. Often there are no corresponding signs at such stops. If there is, then they are marked in red (in Moscow, underlined). The name is often “On demand” or the name is adjacent to a number or mark (Rumyantsevo (on demand)). May be non-tariff stop.