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Reception 3D models on Flatpyramid.

The first impression of the company can take root in the client’s subconscious mind and influence the course of further cooperation. Shabby walls, poor old furniture, and vice versa – these signs can easily be judged on the wealth of the company, its position in the market, the level of wages of employees.

Therefore, the task of reception not only to provide maximum information about the company’s work but also to form the idea of it, to set the tone of further relationships with customers or with potential employees.

To make a good first impression, companies are trying to arrange the reception at the highest standard using modern furniture, materials, and colors.

The central place in the reception is a desk, followed by employees, most often the secretary.

The stable reception is the face of the company, besides the functional, performs a representative role, and thus creates the image of the company.

Most often the rack is placed by the front of the entrance, but in small rooms, it is placed along the side wall.

The main feature of reception racks is their two-level structure, which is designed to create conditions for communication office employees, sitting on higher chairs, and guests who come to the rack.

The reception area does not always consist of a single rack. Often space is divided into two parts: a stand and a waiting zone. In the latter, there are sofas, chairs or chairs for guests, coffee tables, various kind of stands and shelves for souvenir and promotional materials.