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How do I contact Flat Pyramid?

Flat Pyramid Contact information
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Where is Flat Pyramid located?

Flat Pyramid is located in the South bay area of Los Angeles, California.
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Why did you start Flat Pyramid?

Creating digital content like 3d models is extremely time consuming and difficult. It requires a great deal of expertise talent time and money. The founders of Flat Pyramid believe that a user friendly system for connecting customers to a global supply of digital 3d models content would save companies a lot of valuable production time and cost.
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What does Flat Pyramid do?

Our mission is to revolutionize the way 3D Models are distributed and used. We promote, sell and license 3d models (digital 3d content) created by individuals and corporations in the digital media industry worldwide. We strive to provide maximum returns to intellectual property owners and deliver quality products to our valued customers in a dynamic and stimulating environment.
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What is Flat Pyramid?

Flat Pyramid is an organization that specializes in the distribution of 3d models and other digital content and interactive media. It is a crowd sourced marketplace for Augmented Reality 3d models, 3d Printing models, Mobile ready 3d models and Online game ready 3d models.
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