FlatPyramid 3D Model Sizes

We provide a variety of sizes including the original source 3d files and different resolution versions to enable the use of our 3d models in different applications and devices as indicated by the polygon count, filesize and texture size on each product page.

Our optimized sizes are suitable for use in various applications & platforms (augmented reality, mobile games, 3d printing, etc) and devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, desktop. 


FlatPyramid 3D Model Sizes Guide




 Translated &




 1 size1

 Mobile Devices

 Yes  Yes
 2 size2  Mobile Devices and Tablets  Yes  Yes
 3 size3  Tablets and Desktops  Yes  Yes
 4 size4  Desktops and Web Applications  Yes  No
 Source 3d files    Various  No  No