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Uploading your Product Files

For files  that are less 100 MB: To upload multiple files, drop the files anywhere or click on “Select Files” and use CTRL+Click to select multiple files. Then, begin uploading your zip files, and/or images. After you finish uploading, go to Create New 3D Model. When filling the Product File and Format information,  you can […]


I’m A Non – US Resident, Which Form Do I Need To Complete?

To determine which form to complete, please answer the following questions: Do you conduct a trade or business in the U.S.? Yes:   Complete Form W-8ECI to claim an exemption from U.S. withholding on income effectively connected with the conduct of the trade or business in the U.S. No:   Complete Form W-8BEN: Foreign persons are subject […]


Troubleshooting Uploading Problems

Below find ways to troubleshoot common uploading problems. If you do not find your issue here, please open a support ticket. An HTTP 0 Error Ocurred When You Are Uploading Issue: When you try to upload you get an HTTP 0 Error and depending on your browser you could also get a bunch of jibberish […]


I Have A Problem With A Purchased Product. What Do I Do?

If your purchased product fails to download, or is corrupt, you can contact our support team within 24 hours of the purchase. We will then contact the author, address technical problems, and try to rectify it. If the purchase is still unsatisfactory, we will process a return and credit the original sale. Flat Pyramid Support […]



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