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Troubleshooting Uploading Problems

Below find ways to troubleshoot common uploading problems. If you do not find your issue here, please open a support ticket. An HTTP 0 Error Ocurred When You Are Uploading Issue: When you try to upload you get an HTTP 0 Error and depending on your browser you could also get a bunch of jibberish […]


I Have A Problem With A Purchased Product. What Do I Do?

If your purchased product fails to download, or is corrupt, you can contact our support team within 24 hours of the purchase. We will then contact the author, address technical problems, and try to rectify it. If the purchase is still unsatisfactory, we will process a return and credit the original sale. Flat Pyramid Support […]


I Already Registered But I Can’t Log Back In

If You Previously Registered And Are Having Problems Login Back In, See Below For Tips And Solutions. If Your Username Originally Had Spaces, Replace The Spaces With Underscores If your username originally had spaces, then you will need to replace these spaces with underscores ( _ ). For example, if your username was  John Doe, […]


Downloading Products

Return Policy We offer refunds or exchanges on products downloaded from Flat Pyramid that is deemed as defective or does not live up to the product’s description and/or preview images…. in accordance with the Seller Representation of Warranties in the End User License & Membership Agreement, read our full return policy for more information.


Return Policy

Refund/Exchange Policy We offer refunds for defective products downloaded from FlatPyramid. The way it works is that if you purchase and download a product and it is deemed as defective or does not live up to the product description or product preview images then we will first make every attempt to have the problem corrected […]