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HTC Corporation (TSE: 2498, the former High Tech Computer Corporation changed its name in June 2008) – a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. The company initially released smartphones mainly based on the mobile operating system Windows Mobile from Microsoft, but in 2009 began to produce most of the devices on the Android platform, and from 2010 on the Windows Phone platform.

The company is a member of the Open Handset Alliance – a group of phone manufacturers and mobile operators that promote the Android mobile platform. The HTC Dream smartphone, sold by T-Mobile in many countries under the name T-Mobile G1 or Era G1 in Poland, was the first phone on the market to use the Android platform. On September 21, 2017, Google and HTC announce a $ 1.1 billion cooperation agreement. Some employees — many of whom have worked on Pixel smartphones — will join Google. Google accesses HTC’s intellectual property through a non-exclusive license agreement. The agreement will allow HTC to bring innovation and continue to develop its business in the field of smartphones.

In May 2018, Phil Chen, head of decentralization, announced at the Consensus 2018 conference his first blockchain-smart phone HTC Exodus, which can only be purchased for the cryptocurrency, in particular, Bitcoin and Ethereum, at a price equivalent to about $ 1,000. Already in October, specifications were announced, deliveries were planned for December 2018. From the features of the smartphone: support for decentralized applications (DApps), such as CryptoKitties, and acts as a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. Make a pre-order and pay on a separate website.