Lungs 3D Models

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The lungs are the organs of air-breathing in humans, all mammals, birds, reptiles, most amphibians, and also in some fish (dyspnea, crossfire, and multipea).

The lungs are also called respiratory organs in some invertebrates (in some mollusks, holothurians, arachnids).

In the lungs, gas exchange takes place between the air in the lung parenchyma. The blood is flowing through the pulmonary capillaries.

A person’s lungs is a paired respiratory organ. They are located in the chest cavity, in the left and right half of it. They have the shape of a semi-cone. The base of which lies on the diaphragm and the tip protrudes 1-3 cm above the collarbone to the shoulder girdle. The lungs have a convex rib surface. Sometimes there are prints from the ribs on the lungs. Also, a concave diaphragmatic and mediastinal surface facing the mediastinal organs. All organs located in the middle between them. On the mediastinal surface of both lungs, there is a groove – their gate. These include the bronchi, the pulmonary artery, and two pulmonary veins. The pulmonary artery branches parallel to the branching of the bronchi. On the mediastinal surface of the left lung there is a sufficiently deep heart impression, and on the anterior margin is a heart tenderloin. The main part of the heart is located right here – to the left of the median line.