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A military reserve is a military organization composed of citizens of a given country, combining a military career with a civilian one.

Usually, they are on alert and attracted when a country is mobilized for an all-out war or against a military invasion. The reserve is usually not part of the permanent armed forces. The presence of the reserve allows the country to reduce military spending in peacetime. While maintaining the armed forces in combat readiness. Its counterpart in history can serve as a model of military recruitment to the era of the regular armies.

In some countries, such as the United States, Spain, and the United Kingdom, reserve members are civilians. They practice military skills, which usually takes them one weekend per month. They can do this both privately and as part of regular reserve regiments such as the territorial army of Great Britain. Sometimes the militia can be part of a military reserve. For example – the US National Guard. Detachments of local defense is a special type of reserve that can be used only in the event of a military invasion.

In other countries: Sweden, Finland, the Republic of Korea, and Israel — service in the reserve is obligatory for several years after serving military service.