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Peugeot 3D models are popular among 3D artist, but what is the history of this brand? Peugeot is the largest private French automobile company specializing in the production of cars, sports, and racing cars, as well as special automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles, engines. In 1974, it merged with Citroën into a single concern, PSA Peugeot Citroën. Headquartered in Paris.

The family of industrialists and engineers Peugeot, eroding its genus to the XV century, retains its leading position in the company and still. The family company “Brothers and Sons of Peugeot” in the second half of the XIX century issued, along with traditional ironware for it, bicycles and parts for crews.

In 1889, Leon Serpolle built the company’s first steam car, a rather lucky one that took part in the run of steam cars along the Paris-Lyon route. But the head of the bicycle company, Arman Peugeot, who co-operated with Emile Lewassor, one of the pioneers of automotive engineering in France, met with him with G. Daimler and built his first Daimler gasoline engine in 1891. Although the model did not differ in particular originality, success was inspired Arman for the creation next year of an entire series consisting of 10 different types of cars. One of the cars took part in the Paris-Brest-Paris Paris bike ride this year and attracted a general attention. This has proven to be the beginning of the car manufacturers, that an important component of commercial success can be automotive racing.

In 1892 Peugeot gets the most interesting order – for Algerian Bey makes a sophisticated car with a 4-cylinder engine and body made of cast silver (this unique model is a decoration of the company’s museum). The car took part in the world’s first motor racing – the “big run” of Paris-Rouen, July 22, 1894, the second after the steam train De Dion-Bouton (“De Dion-Brunka”).

In 1895 the company sold 72 cars, and in 1899 it was already 300. The founding of a car company, called the Peugeot Automobiles Society, dates back to 1896.

In 1974, Peugeot merged with Citroën into a single concern. The company embraces Panhard & Levassor (Panar-Lewassor, now the world leader in the production of armored cars) with Citroën, and in 1978, Peugeot is part of Chrysler Europe, which becomes the basis of the Talbot division, which produces cars and trucks. Keeps the company and the leading position in the European market of bicycles and motorcycles.

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