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Male nude 3d model

This realistic nude 3d model is fully textured and has great topology. This one is ready for rigging and animating.

From the point of view of genetics, a heterogametic organism is considered masculine. That is, having two different sex chromosomes in the karyotype. It's denoted by X and Y, unlike the female organism, which has two X chromosomes in the karyotype.

From the point of view of modern science, gender stereotypes serve to maintain the gender roles. Existing in these societies and, in particular, gender inequality. As a rule, those stereotypical qualities that are attributed to men. In a particular culture are valued within the framework of this culture. Even higher than those attributed to women. Thus, gender stereotypes express and reinforce Androcentrism - the idea of men as the norm regarding which women are a deviation.

Studies show that gender stereotypes about men and the regulatory pressure of the environment and society. This requiring men to embody gender stereotypes, harm men. In particular, gender stereotypes contribute to the involvement of men in risky behavior and the commission of crimes. On the other hand, gender stereotypes prevent men from seeking help in cases when they themselves are victims of violent acts.

Users are often asking us about free 3d models of human bodies, we are not providing this model for free.

As in the Renaissance, the main experimental field for the image of male nudity in the XVIII century. there was a sculpture. To some extent, this is its immanent property. As Goethe wrote, “the main task of every kind of plastics is ... to express the dignity of a person through the human image. Therefore, everything except man, although not alien to plastics, is secondary for her ...”. Stendhal said that nudity is the only language available, "without which, strictly speaking, sculpture is impossible."

Even in the darkest times after the Cathedral of Trent, the sculpture did not refuse the image of a naked male body. In twilight Spain, Gregorio Fernandez (1576-1636) at the beginning of the 17th century. cut out of wood and then painted a completely nude and very cheerful Archangel Gabriel. It was with a boy's body and the same penis. On the color reproduction in the book on the history of baroque art, edited by Rolf Toman (Koln, Konemann, 1997). This sculpture, located in the diocesan museum of Valladolid, really shines under the rays of the sun. What to say about secular art!

For classicism, nudity and beauty are synonymous and it was directly formulated by Lessing. He said that clothing came from a need with which art has nothing in common. No matter how beautiful the clothes are, she can never match the beauty of a 3d model naked.


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Published on: June 28, 2012
3D Artist: Switch3d