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Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation with headquarters in Tokyo, formed on May 7, 1946. It specializes in home and professional electronics, game consoles and other high-tech products. In addition, it is one of the world’s largest media conglomerates, owning the record label Sony Music Entertainment, the Columbia Pictures, and TriStar Pictures studios, and the full MGM movie archive (with Comcast); provides financial services. The main regions of activity are Japan, USA, China, and European countries.

Sony Corporation was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka on May 7, 1946. At the very beginning, it was called Tokок tsushin kogyo kabushiki-gaiай (Tokyo Telecommunications Industry Company) or Totsuko for short, or TTK, but, as Akio Morita found out, it is difficult to pronounce this name for Americans.

In 1958, the company received the name Sony Corporation and its shares began to be quoted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and since 1970 – on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1960, the company introduced its first transistor TV. Also this year, trade missions were established in the United States and Switzerland. In 1962, a subsidiary of a company was established to manufacture plastic parts to reduce dependence on third-party manufacturers.