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3D Spaceship Collections and other 3d model graphics.

Spaceship Collections is a general name of the technical devices used to perform various tasks in outer space, as well as conducting research and other works on the surface of celestial bodies. The means of delivery of spacecraft into orbit are boosters or aircraft

A spacecraft, one of the main tasks of which is to transport people or equipment in the upper part of the earth’s atmosphere – the so-called near space, is called a spacecraft or spacecraft.

The areas of use of spaceships determine their division into the following groups:

  • suborbital;
  • near-earth orbital, moving along the geocentric orbits of artificial earth satellites;
  • interplanetary (expeditionary);
  • on the planet.

It is customary to distinguish automatic satellites of the Earth and manned spacecraft. The manned spacecraft, in particular, include all types of manned spacecraft and orbital space stations. (Despite the fact that modern orbital stations make their flight in the field of near space, and formally they can be called “Spacecraft”, in the established tradition, they are called “Spacecraft”.)