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The Knife 3D Model on Flatpyramid.

A knife is a cutting tool whose working body is a blade — a strip of hard material (usually metal) with a blade on one or several sides. In the design most often can be identified blade and handle. A blade can have a pronounced piercing point.

The oldest knives are known from the Paleolithic era. The first knives were stone (often flint) flakes, which later became almond-shaped.

Later, wooden and bone handles began to be attached to the knives.

Knives made of bone, wood and bamboo were also widely used.

About five thousand years ago, man learned to receive and process metal, and began to make knives of copper and bronze. In South America, knives were also made of gold.

With the advent of the Iron Age, the iron knife gradually replaces the knives made of bronze. With the beginning of the industrial revolution, the “artisanal” production of knives is replaced by factory ones, the design and materials of knives change. One of the important criteria is manufacturability and cost reduction. The heyday of folding knives begins.

Very soon new ones will be added to the old traditional centers for the production of knives, such as:

– Sheffield in England
– Solingen in Germany,
– Eskilstuna in Sweden,
– Vorsma and Zlatoust in Russia and so on.

In 2005, Forbes magazine conducted a survey of its readers, then senior editors of the publishing house and a group of experts. The purpose of the survey was to identify the tools and objects that had the greatest impact on human history.

According to the survey “№ 1” among the most important things created by man, became a knife.