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Spear 3D models on Flatpyramid.

A spear is a throwing, piercing or piercing-chopping hollow weapon.

Spears are of two types: throwing and for melee. An ordinary weapon consists of a wooden shaft and a metal tip, the shape of which can be very diverse.

A prototype spear was recently discovered while observing modern monkeys. Chimpanzee females in some flocks while hunting small animals systematically used sharp sticks.

The simplest spear of a primitive man was a straight planed and sharpened stick of hard wood about the height of a man. As a rule, the tip for hardness was burned. The oldest known modern man specimens are 8 copies from Schöningen (Germany) age 300 thousand years. In Ethiopia in the location Gademotta (Gademotta) found spears with stone tips age 280 thousand years. The age of 115–128 thousand years dates from a spear from Leringen (de: Lanze von Lehringen) in Germany.

Ostrog (often called simply “stake” in Russia) did not have an edge to the point and did not rush about. Usually, it was held with two hands since for sufficient effectiveness of the strike (and during firing, the tip acquired firmness, but lost sharpness) it had to be piled on with all the weight.