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3D Artist: zaider3d

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Hi! My name is Roman I am a 3D digital artist specializing in ZBrush, Blender, print ready 3D models for jewelry, toy design, prototyping, and sculpture work. Additional projects include the development of 3D models for illustrative product conceptualization, low-poly game assets, architectural visualization, and animation. My 3D printing skills and experience are focused on creating designs that adhere to printer / material specification limitations while optimizing models for cost, printability, and detail maintenance within a specific design. starting from concept development, modeling (high and low poly), texturing, rigging, animation, rendering and post composition. projects https: // Email: [email protected] I am a perfectionist by nature and I work hard to produce beautiful, quality work that matches my client's vision in a timely manner. I would love to assist in the development and production of your new artistic ideas and concepts! We look forward to connecting! Thank you!