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In the modern world, 3D modeling is in high demand in various areas. Increasingly, it is used in the production of electronic devices.Then. it’s possible to start production according to the developed 3D model. For these purposes, people using innovative technologies too, for such as 3D printers.

This approach makes the development of electronics  even more accessible. The results of the technical fantasy of scientists and 3D artists can now be studied not only on paper, but also embodied in reality. First by creating their 3D models on the computer, and then – in reality.

The main advantage of 3D modeling is the possibility of creating products of any complexity. Also, it should be noted that it is very easy to make almost any changes to a 3D model, and a ready model can be viewed from either side – from below, from above, from the side. Based on the developed computer 3D model, it is possible to produce electronic products by printing on special 3D printers.

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