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Sports 3D Models are popular because 3D Modeling in a modern sports is becoming more widespread. The use of new technologies and methods for analyzing the results will make a breakthrough in sports science.

Nowadays sports are very tight with science and to be successful in sport it’s necessary to look on it using scientific methods. With 3D modeling it’s possible to create different sports simulations, calculate trajectories, analyze different sports strategies and more.

And, of course sports 3D models are a very important for marketing purposes, especially when you are selling sports goods. Now it’s easier to showcase sneakers, or a ball using 3D. On Flatpyramid there plenty of such models to use.

There is no clear definition of sport, which unambiguously separates sport itself from other forms of leisure, although attempts to define the boundaries of the concept have been made more than once. Rabelais used the word desporter in the meaning of amusing. In the modern sense, this word began to be used by the Scottish psychiatrist Thomas Arnold, who studied the effect of exercise on human health.

For sports 3D models category, we have discovered that the  international convention SportAccord site, which unites over one hundred international sports federations, offers it’s definition of sport, which includes the following criteria: competitive element; lack of rule-based rules on the element of chance or luck; eliminating unnecessary risks to the health and safety of participants and spectators; not intentional harm to living beings; and the lack of a monopoly of a single manufacturer for the necessary equipment.

So if you are into sports or in need of sports related 3D models – you are in the right place!