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Initially, medical imaging was in illustrations. After all, since the human body began to be studied by doctors in ancient times, they sketched various organs for their better understanding and demonstration to colleagues. Even in the Age of Revival, artists painstakingly drew the organs of humans, spending a lot of time and energy on it.

Medical illustrations are now used too, but it has a lot of difficulties. Its creation takes some time, and work is usually needed as quickly as possible. In this case, even the most skilful artist is unlikely to be able to quickly and accurately illustrate the brains or other human organs, and yet you need to draw several projections from different sides!

The same goes for the various processes taking place in the body. They need to be seen in real time, and not drawn, in order to properly understand their essence. That is why medical 3D modeling quickly became popular. Only with its help we can adequately depict biological processes or structures. This is needed in various public speeches to support the words using 3D illustrations. At modern medical  symposiums and conferences, 3D modeling is quite popular.

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