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The most effective demonstration of an architectural object is the ability not only to look at a picture or a photo, but to independently examine it from all sides. But what to do if there is no such possibility (for example, if the building is still only at the project stage or is very far from the viewer). Modern 3D technologies come to help.

Modern 3D modeling technologies allow creating any interior, exterior or architectural object.

3d will help to recreate an existing object to attract new customers, say, a restaurant or aqua park – it’s better to see it once than hear about it hundred times. Or there is a building that is only projected, and you can not see it live – but you need to show it to a potential clients and investors. Naturally, the 3D model will be much more convincing than a simple picture on the screen.

On Flatpyramid you will find architecture 3D models divided on such categories:

  • Objects
  • Scenes
  • Spaces
  • Structures

Architectural visualization is not only a usage of modern software. A successful visualizer certainly has a creativity skills too, which allows him to create truly unique and high-quality projects. So, sometimes it’s easier and faster to buy already created architectural 3D models.