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Animals often become objects of work visualizers, while not every 3d rendering studio can provide a truly high-quality result. Meanwhile, real and fictional animals are often planned as participants in a project, and to make this character attractive, it is necessary to do a great job.

Big and small animals can be found in many computer games, cartoons and films, commercials or simple static renderers. 3D animal models are present on our marketplace and they are divided on categories, also you will find low poly or high poly 3d animals, and in different file formats like 3ds, max, maya and so on. So they can be downloaded and used as a basis for further work. If you want to create a 3d animal from scratch, you need to perform the same algorithm of actions as for modeling any other object: build its geometry, create a three-dimensional model, apply textures and work on adjusting the light. How much 3d rendering costs, will depend on its complexity.

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