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Animals often become objects of work visualizers, while not every 3d rendering studio can provide a truly high-quality result. Meanwhile, real and fictional animals are often planned as participants in a project, and to make this character attractive, it is necessary to do a great job.

Big and small animals can be found in many computer games, cartoons and films, commercials or simple static renderers. 3D animal models are present on our marketplace and they are divided on categories, also you will find low poly or high poly 3d animals, and in different file formats like 3ds, max, maya and so on. So they can be downloaded and used as a basis for further work. If you want to create a 3d animal from scratch, you need to perform the same algorithm of actions as for modeling any other object: build its geometry, create a three-dimensional model, apply textures and work on adjusting the light. How much 3d rendering costs, will depend on its complexity.

Animals – traditionally (since the time of Aristotle) ​​a distinguished category of organisms, is currently considered as a biological kingdom. Animals are the main object of study of zoology.

Animals belong to eukaryotes (there are nuclei in the cells). Classical signs of animals are: heterotrophy (nutrition with ready-made organic compounds) and the ability to actively move. However, there are many animals that lead an immobile lifestyle, and heterotrophy is characteristic of fungi and some parasitic plants.

The Russian word “animal” is formed from “stomach”, which in the past meant “life, property”. In everyday life, the terms “wild animals”, “domestic animals” are often understood only as mammals or four-legged terrestrial vertebrates (mammals, reptiles and amphibians). However, in science, the term “animals” is assigned a broader meaning, corresponding to the Latin Animalia. In a scientific sense, animals, in addition to mammals, reptiles and amphibians, include a huge number of other organisms: fish, birds, insects, arachnids, mollusks, starfish, worms and others.

Moreover, many heterotrophic protists were attributed to this kingdom and animals were divided into sub kingdoms: unicellular Protozoa and multicellular Metazoa. Now the name “animals” in the taxonomic sense is fixed to multicellular. In this understanding, animals like taxa have more definite signs – they are characterized by oogamy, a multi-tissue structure, the presence of at least two germ layers, the stages of blastula and gastrula in embryonic development. Man belongs to the animal kingdom, but is traditionally studied separately. The vast majority of animals have muscles and nerves, and their groups — sponges, lamellar, Mesozoic, cnidosporidia — may have lost them a second time.

At the same time, in science the term “animals” is sometimes proposed to be used in an even broader sense, meaning not animals as taxa, but a type of organization – an ecomorph based on mobility. In the science of ecomorph, animals do not correspond to the animal kingdom.

Currently (Zhang, 2013), scientists have described more than 1.6 million animal species (including more than 133 thousand fossil species; Zhang, 2013), most of which are arthropods (more than 1.3 million species, 78%), mollusks ( more than 118 thousand species) and vertebrates (more than 42 thousand species)

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