3D Models

What is 3D? It is a contraction of 3-dimensional, which means “three sizes”. We can add additional words: sound, image, shooter, show, printer and so on – there are lots of options. But the main point remains: when using this method, a transition from a schematic, one-line space to a more realistic one takes place.

The third dimension was due to the works of Ivan Sutherland and David Evans, who in the 1960s opened the department of vector and raster graphics and created software in which it was possible to study space in all its directions. Under the aegis of these scientists, the student Ed Kathmullah created the first 3D mock-up, it was the image of his own hand brush. Then they have created their own company, where they actively used their product – the SketchPad software for advertising logos.

3D model creation begins with a sketch or getting the object itself, from which the model will be played. For example, we want to create a virtual three-dimensional wardrobe in order to place it in the interior and see how organically it will fit there. If the finished cabinet is not at our disposal, which often happens in interior visualization, the technical characteristics, the image from the catalog or the designer’s sketch will do.

Based on the available data, work is carried out to model the geometry of the future cabinet, after which a scan is created and textures are applied. Depending on what texture is required, you can take it from the library or create it yourself. Fortunately, there are a lot of ready-made textures for furniture, so it’s easy to choose the right one. We adjust the remaining parameters – and after that the model is ready for visualization, that is, to create a 3D model of your image.

It seems that this is quite simple, especially considering that everything is done in special programs. However, in fact, this is a long process requiring specialized skills not only in manipulating and knowing how to use the software but also innate spatial and scripting skills to yield a good result.  In computer graphics as with any other creative work of graphic arts, the result depends entirely on the professionalism and talents of the performer.

The cost of 3D model depends on its level of detail and the amount of craft that goes into creating it. If it’s high-polygonal, which means it has a large amount of small polygons it would could take a lot of time to create and render, as such model is equivalent to a high resolution graphic. Meanwhile low-poly models are opposite to high-poly and they can be more lightweight and consume less resources when manipulating them, however then tend to be less detailed, of course as the number of polygons per covered area is less, and thus have less resolution.

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