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Technology is a relatively new, multifaceted term, the exact definition of which eludes due to the constant development of the meaning of this concept, both in itself and taken in relations with other, equally broad concepts: culture, society, politics, religion, nature. By the beginning of the 20th century, the term “technology” encompassed a set of tools, processes, and ideas in addition to tools and machines. By the middle of the century, the concept was defined by such phrases as “means or activity with the help of which a person changes his environment and manipulates it”.

An integral part of the future discoveries are a knowledge, skills, and experience transferred to future engineers, designers and scientists today. 3D modeling provides great opportunities for creativity, because students can in a short time integrate their ideas into reality. 3d modeling also allows students to get acquainted with the advanced technologies that they will encounter in their careers. First of all, it is a readiness for tomorrow and a new creative way of thinking.

3D modeling is used in many disciplines, including chemistry and geography, architecture, archeology and biology, medical modeling and visual arts. It’s very important to have prototypes in science and it’s much cheaper and more flexible to create them using 3D modeling. Also, 3D models may be helpful during different simulations. Or if you are creating some science scenes for games or presentations. Check our collection of Science related 3D models.