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-5 File Format Included: Blender(Deafult), 3ds, obj, fbx, dae
-3 Different Models in Separate file
-Blender Cycle Scene and Node Included
-Included Robe Only in Separate File
-Included Flat and Smooth Vertex in Separate File
-Everything UV Unwrapped
-Low Poly Game Ready (To make lower poly simply disable subsurf in blender)

The first cylinder was made by hat dealer John Gettington in 1797, but cylinder was only popular in 1820. Men put on cylinders for celebrations and business meetings, there were even some of the troops wearing them; they soon became an everyday attribute of the middle class suit in Europe and America. In those years, cylinders were made in different styles with variations in color, material, and shape. For example, the tall cylinder, which was always worn by US President Abraham Lincoln, also allowed him to put inside letters, financial papers, bills and notes. In 1823 in France, the cap was invented - a folding cylinder.

Initially, the cylinders were made of beaver felt, expensive and rare material, which led to their high price and availability only to the highest strata of the population. Hence the association of cylinders with wealth. In the manufacture of felt, mercury preparations were used, which caused chronic poisoning of hat masters, accompanied by characteristic dementia, from which the concept of “mad hatter” came. In the middle of the XIX century, in connection with the almost complete extermination of beavers, the hats switched to other methods of production.

Cylinders are now made of very soft silk plush, glued to a rigid base of several layers of gauze, glued with shellac. The seams that attached the top and the fields to the crown hid under a pile of plush. The cylinder has acquired a characteristic luster in a silk version, hats made of felt did not shine. Cheaper versions of the cylinder, which were often worn by postmen, chimney sweeps and policemen, were usually made of felt or oilcloth. The skeleton of the hats, worn for hunting and riding, was no longer made of gauze, but out of durable canvas, and gave a good protection to the head.

At the end of the XIX century, cylinders began to go out of fashion, gradually giving way to kettles, more comfortable for urban life and mass production (unlike them, the cylinders were handmade by experienced hat masters). From everyday use cylinders completely out after the First World War. In the 1920s – 30s the cylinder was worn exclusively on solemn occasions (parties, public ceremonies, funerals, weddings). It is worth noting that among parts of the big bourgeoisie and politicians in Western Europe, the cylinders continued to remain an element of the toilet until the end of the 1930s. Diplomatic etiquette regulated wearing a cylinder until the 1970s.

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Published on: February 23, 2016
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