How To Buy, Sell, And Download Products

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How To Buy, Sell, And Download Products

You can register as a Customer or Seller on Flat Pyramid. When you register as a Seller, you will be able to Buy and Sell products. When you register as a Customer you will only be able to buy products or download free products from Flat Pyramid.  A Customer can always upgrade their account to become a Seller.

How To Find And Buy Products From Flat Pyramid 3D Marketplace

You do not need to signup to search through Flat Pyramid catalog of products. However, to buy products from Flat Pyramid, you need to:

  • Create a member account. Choose “Customer” as your member type if you will only be buying products from Flat Pyramid.
  • Logon to your Flat Pyramid account.
  • Use the Quick Search or Detailed Search tools to enter keywords to initiate a search and get a listing of the products that match your criteria. You can also browse by categories.
  • Sort and select the products that interest you. Then, click on each product to see detailed product information and multiple preview images.
  • Select the products you want. Priced and Free products are moved to a shopping cart awaiting payment or free download.
  • Enter credit card info to purchase your cart or pay by Paypal.
  • After the successful processing of your credit card or Paypal transaction, your products will be available for immediate download.

How To Download Products From Flat Pyramid 3D Marketplace

The Download page is where you see all of the models you have purchased or free models you have added to your download cart. Note: You must be logged on to access this page.

To Download a File: Click on the file format link next to the Vendor name and a dialog window should pop-up offering you to save the file.If this doesn’t happen, or the file’s name is incorrect, you should be able to right-click on the file format link and select ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’. This will open the dialog window to save the file.

24 hour availability: once the model is purchased, the model will be available in the Download Queue for 24 hours.

How To Sell Your 3D Assets On Flat Pyramid 3D Marketplace

If you are already a customer, login to your account and go to the Member’s Area. Click on “Upgrade to Seller”.

Otherwise, create a Seller member account by selecting the button at the top of the navigation area called “Member”. Then select “Signup”

After registration process, Login and go to “Product Manager”

Select “Upload Files” in the Product Manager to upload your product files to the Flat Pyramid servers

Within the Product Manager, select Create Products to edit your products. Add descriptions, previews (thumbnails), keywords, a price, etc. Then update and publish to get your product online.

Select “Payment Info” in the member area to fill out your payment information so that we can send checks or pay you electronically for the sales of your products.

Check your sales in the “Sales” area. 55% or a designated % of the sales price of your products will be paid to you monthly.

If you have any trouble, or would like assistance publishing your library of models and other products please contact our support department.