License Agreement Between Seller And Customer

License Agreement Between Seller And Customer

License and Rights Grant:

For any transmission of Content from a Seller to a Customer, whether the transmission was the result of a license or free download, the following terms apply unless more restrictive terms are specified in the text description of the Content:

1. Ownership. Unless explicitly provided for by a separate agreement, the Seller retains, subject to any license agreement between the Seller and Flat Pyramid, copyright in content purchased or downloaded by any 3rd party via Flat Pyramid.

2. Valid License. Any license rights relating to content for sale via Flat Pyramid are contingent upon the transfer of money from the 3rd party to the Seller. All license rights terminate immediately and without notice if a sale is reversed for any reason.

3. Rights Granted. The Seller grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, royalty-free license to the 3rd party who either purchases license rights to content via a valid sale, or downloads freely available content submitted by the Seller. The license granted will allow the 3rd party to: publicly perform, publicly display, and digitally perform said Content.

4. Rights Not Granted. Absent a written grant of rights greater than that contained in paragraph 3 above, all other rights or sub-divisions of rights generally included in copyrights and trademarks are excluded from this license.

5. Resale. The resale or redistribution by the third party of any content obtained from Flat Pyramid, whether for sale or freely available for download, whether part of a valid sale or not, is expressly prohibited.

6. Returned Content. In the event a 3rd party returns any content, whether acquired by valid sale or freely available for download, all license rights granted herein terminate and the 3rd party must immediately destroy any and all copies contained on any type of media under the control or possession of the 3rd party.

See full End User License and Membership Agreement for more details.

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